Friday, June 26, 2009

The Worlds Top Biking Cities???

More "Best Bike..." from Travel & Leisure magazine. This could either be an opportunity to have a rousing argument about which cities are really the best "bike cities" in the world. We could argue over what measurements to use in detirmining, once and for all, which cities are indeed the most bike friendly. Is it miles of bike lanes? Or we could use surveys to determine which cities have the most commuters. Or maybe just who has the most Chic cyclists. That would be fun. I welcome it. Me, I just think it's cool that another magazine has hopped on the Cyclelution and is putting the idea of riding a bike in the minds of all those auto dependent people out there. Planting the seeds. The more people who come into contact with bikes, the more people who will eventually break through the car-haze and hop on one. And the fact that Minneapolis gets prominent mention is just a very small part of my motivation for posting this "best of..."... really! ;D
Photo courtesy Phototake/Alamy

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anna said...

I think the cities that are bike friendly just see that on the number of cyclists in the modal share ;-). The more cyclists, the safer and easier it is to cycle around.
Bike lanes ain't help if they are built halfhearted.