Saturday, March 28, 2009

It Begins

How do I start this thing?  Words, words, words. 

Welcome!   This is The Chai Cyclist blog.  Spring has come and it has made it necessary that I find some new digs, due to the fact that my original blog is iciclebicycle.  It melted with the snow.  Nobody can get too excited about a snowy blog when all they want is to see the green of Spring.  With that understanding, I have started up this blog.  Keeping the bike, but replacing the icy emphasis with a chai(same as tea) one.   

What do they have to do with each other?  Nothing but the fact that I like bikes and tea with equal abandonment.  Tea is often a prime motivation for me getting on my bike, some days.  When it was -10F, the thought of a warm chai at Namaste Cafe, tipped the balance in favor of riding.  The reverse is often true.  I want to go for a ride, but where to?  Ah, some tea and conversation.  I have a good feeling about this new blogs mix .  They say write about what you love.  And I have deep love of both of these pursuit's.  Let the fun begin!