Sunday, April 18, 2010

Odd Wheels

Taking flight with these wheels.

I've seen this bike around town a few times, but finally got to chat with the owner, yesterday. He got the bike from a friend who passed away and has been fixing it up. These are airplane tires which don't have tubes. They are the tube.

A nice low rider.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Up Above It All: Time To Ponder

I will dare!

He may be a member of the dreaded Black Label Bike Club. I say dreaded, because I think they'd like it that way. There's a documentary B.I.K.E about the NY chapter of Black Label. I found it to be a fascinating movie, even though it's not my scene. Bike Jousting!

In the documentary, they make a road trip to the headquarters, which is Mpls. What was interesting was how different the New Yorkers were from the locals. The New Yorkers all seemed to see the club as an artistic expression and perhaps also way to get famous. The Mpls. members were rough and tumble punk rockers, who while they'd like to get some attention, don't want really want to be famous. Which makes sense to me. NY is a natural draw for people who want to "make it!", or die trying. While Mpls. is the home of the Replacements. A band that really loved to get your attention, but at the same time, really wanted to fuck it all up. They did leave a beautiful corpse, though.

BTW~ There is supposedly an ordinance against these types of bikes in Mpls.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Bikes and Flower Gardens Do Go Together

The Midtown Greenway is still a work in progress, but every year more gardens spring up along it's route. Take some time, to take in the scenery on your rides. The Chai Cyclist is back.

Happy Spring!