Sunday, June 14, 2009

Can Bikes Have More then Two Wheels?

What makes a bike a bike?  Is two, and only two wheels a requirement?  

Stormy and pal.

Friday night, I ran into Stormy.  He just started up a bike cab(Pedicab?) business this year.  It's called Shotties and is available from 3pm-3am daily(612-328-3878).  He'll push you all around town, if you show him a little generosity.  I'm saying it here.  I will be giving him a call.  Perfect for dates.  I think that we need many more bike cabs.  I wish him luck!

Ah!  The Beer Bike.

I'm feeling a little woozy...

On my way home, I came across this party on wheels.  Pedalpub let's you have have a mobile party.  The pedal pubs came, of course, from the Dutch, who love to drink and pedal... especially at the same time.


anna said...

Pedalpub? Never seen anything like that, but I love it!

Lovely Bicycle! said...

That is a nice looking bike chariot!

Jen said...

The pedalpub is freakin awesome!

Anonymous said...

I got one of their cards! Here's what it reads:

Bicycle Taxi and Mobile Bike Repair
3pm-3am Daily

but then it says their number is actually 612.328.3876

I'm gonna be calling, too!