Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Minneapolis Chic Before It Was Chic

As I was biking through Loring Park, I had the good fortune to run into a woman who was riding Dutch style bike. They aren't a common sight in my town, yet, so I struck up a conversation with her. Since we were headed in the same direction for a ways, we had a good chance to talk about our bikes.

This is Janet

This a Glorie from Pointer. I didn't ask it's name.

I was surprised to learn that she has had this bike for a few years. Surprised because I'd had assumed that Dutch style bikes in America were a very new thing. Of course my bike awareness is a pretty new thing. I didn't really spend much time looking at other peoples bikes. Maybe other people had the right idea, long before I opened my eyes. Perhaps the world was here before I was born?!

Janet(Check this out!) and her husband had both bought bikes when they were visiting Copenhagen. They stowed them on the plane, saving a boat load of money by doing that. Shipping bikes across the pond is very expensive. Her bike is a Glorie and is made by Pointer. It's a classy bike with a classy owner. It really made my day to see evidence of change in the bike culture, here in Mpls and around the world.


Jen said...

There's only one word that expresses my feelings...awesome!

Sigrid said...

Hey, I remember seeing that story on the Mpls. site last year. So cool you crossed paths. There's a few of us crazies out there...Awesome.

Dottie said...

Of course, I love her bike :)

2whls3spds said...

Inspirational! and awesome. She needs to have her picture and story on the front page of every national newspaper. I heard the excuse the other day that someone was "too old" to ride a bike, they were for young people! Some people have NO CLUE