Friday, June 12, 2009

Special Bike Premere in Mill City

The fashion in bicycles is changing.  The old styles are now, new ones.

The Globe Brand Bikes has premered an interesting line of bikes, in Minneapolis this week. I haven't got a close look at them, but the retro features(baskets, hubs, etc.) offered, are what caught my interest. Globe is a part of Specialized.

that's why they call Mpls the Mill city

It's nice to see another brand going after those mellower riders out there, that would like to have a nice and practical bike. Smart move by Specialized. They know they'd better hop on the cycle chic wave. It's nice to see manufacturers moving back to fully outfitted bikes, with fender, racks, and baskets. I hope they are making a good quality product. I'm going to keep an eye out for them, this weekend.

a bicycle built for 2

There's more on these bikes, at blogs Bike Design and Urban Velo. If you want to see more pictures of them, Globe has a Flickr site with plenty of pics.

All photos are property of of Globe Brand Bikes in accordance with Creative Commons.


Sigrid said...

how did I miss this? Looks like they were also at the Chambers. damn!

spiderleggreen said...

I not in the marketing biz, and maybe it's a bit early. But I would hope for more details about these bikes. More to follow, I'm sure.