Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please Finish the Job!

I'm love my commute(the bike one).  It's great to be out in the weather, checking out the scenery, and collecting my thoughts.  But there are those tough spots.  One of the least pleasant parts of of my journey home is this little stretch on Wirth Parkway between Interstate 94 and the Cedar Lake Trail. It should be listed as "off-road with obstacles". The worst part is where it dips down, before rising again. You can't help but go fast and it feels like you bike is being stressed tested, as you try and dodge the worst pits. You're happy if you wheel doesn't bust a spoke. It's one of the worst pieces of bike trail in the city.

Hang on.

What makes it even more vexing, is that it right next to a bridge and trail entrance that was completely renovated a few years ago. At great cost, I would guess. It looks great and is a model for bike trail exits. So why, 50 feet away, is there one of the worst stretches of bike path, connecting to it?

Nice bridge ahead.

Some people would rather to risk it with the heavy traffic, then ride this stretch. But I stick to the trail, because there are some wicked potholes that you can't avoid without moving out into traffic. It's really sad that a situation like this exits, right next to an excellent, high traffic trail. I'm guessing they ran out of money or a fix is in the works, but I'd really love it, if they'd finish the job.


The Jolly Crank said...

I'm unfamiliar with that stretch of trail, but it sure looks sucky. You can comment to the city directly online @

spiderleggreen said...

You would remember it, if you crossed it. Thanks, I will let em know.

Sigrid said...

true that! I ride this bit of 'bicycle trail' all the time. It's a mess! And I often wonder the same thing - why is this little patch so BAD?! On Lil'C it was more tolerable because she was really a 'mtn. bike', but on the new fast lovin' lycra machine? a nightmare! I agree, this or the road next to it, I stick to the trail - but wish it wasn't such a bumpy bike-jarring, back-busting ride. Get out there and do your city talkin'!