Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Brand New World

Thanks to a fellow blogger, I now have new camera.  I've always loved her pictures and was wondering why her pictures were so much more vivid than mine.  I mean she's great, but she can't be that great.  Can she?  ;)  So I found out what kind of camera she has and bought one, yesterday.  It's a Canon SD990 IS.  Compact but powerful.  

Cedar Lake

Well from my first day of shooting, I can say... she's an excellent photographer.  But it does help to have a nice camera, too.  The 990 has lots of cool features that I look forward to trying out.  I was really winging it on my ride home from work, trying to find the right settings for the conditions.   I got lucky on a few.

Paddle boat on Mississippi: A sure sign of Spring.

If you are ever headed through San Fran, be sure to look her up, but please, do make sure to take her out for a coffee.

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The Jolly Crank said...

I love the paddleboat pic! The reflection of the clouds in the river make it look like the boat is paddling through the sky.