Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is Your City on Good Magazine's Best Bike List?

Well, "best burgoning bike cities" anyways.  Hint: Mpls. is on it.  Yay!  Thanks to
Urban Velo for posting the link to the "Good" Magazine article, provacatively titled "Sorry Portland".  I'm sure there is some big controversy because some cities didn't make it on the list, but they don't pretend that it is the definitive list, so take it for what it is.  A little shout out to the bike communities across the country, here's what's happening in these cities.  How does yours compare?  No harm in that.

As for Minneapolis, some of the comments were wondering why it would be on a burgeoning list, because they thought the city was more of an established bike city.  But some other commenter pointed out that all North American cities are pretty much burgeoning compared to some European cities we won't mention.  Ain't that true.  In Mpls., 3.6% of people commute by bike.  We have only 25-35% to go to catch up to Amster-Hagen.  Yes we can!

Now go and see if your city made it on the list.

ps.  Good magazine has some good articles on transportation this month.


Dottie said...

No Chicago. I was thinking at first that perhaps we are not "burgeoning" but you make a good point - we're all burgeoning. (And the more you say burgeoning, the funnier it sounds.)

spiderleggreen said...

Typing burgeoning makes me laugh. :)

anna said...

Ah, 3.6% is not that bad for North America I suppose. There are only 5.1% cyclists in Vienna. This is more than yours but compared to other European cities it's a shame.