Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Strange New Bike Comes to My Town

Today, I was biking on out of downtown when I saw a bike a ways in front of me that looked interesting. He seemed to be taking his time, climbing the slight, but still formidable Nicollet Avenue hill. As I approached him, I was mostly thinking about peddling up this hill. A guy passes me, and says "nice bike!". I say "Thanks!". When he passes the mystery bike, he does a double take. That's when I realized that this really was a special bike. When I came up next to him, I said "Bakfiets!"

Frankie meets Mr. Bakfiets.

"Yes", he says. Then he does a double take when he looks down at what I'm riding. Ahh! it all makes sense! We continue riding up Nicollet, chatting and blocking traffic sometimes. I find out that Paul has been riding his Bakfiet for about a month ago and has been loving it(No surprise). His plan was to just use it for hauling groceries and other things, but has ended up riding it all the time, because...because it's so much fun, of course. He bought it at the same shop as I did Frankie, Dutch Bike Chicago. He was more enterprising and found a micro-hauler on Craigslist that hauled it up to the twin towns for $120. He saved himself even more money by buying last years model.

At the top of the hill we parted, but not before I got his email address(Good to keep in touch). I rode away happy knowing there's one more cool bike in town, and hopeful that the Bakfiets won't be a strange sighting in Mpls. for much longer.


Dottie said...

Very cool! Taking over the city, one bike at a time :)

Andy in Germany said...

It's exciting being part of this trend in useful bikes.

Must admit, I still ride the Xtracycle out of preference when I'm going out of the village: the Bak is a bit if a beast on some of our hills.

Sigrid said...

I have been noticing some 'Dutchie's' around of late. A couple of weeks ago on my way to work I saw a biker in front of me and I kept staring at them ~ something was 'peculiar'/special about what they were riding. Those handlebars....hmmm...and as the light turned green and they rode towards me I was delighted to see one of these! Oh how I wished I had my camera with me!

Scottish Cyclist said...

Having lugged 17.6Kg of pumpkin home from the allotment today, I sooooo want a cargo bike!

spiderleggreen said...

Sig- I think I saw your cargo bike today. Is the rider a young guy? I neglected to get a pic too. Maybe they were two different bikes. That would be even cooler.

Scotts: that reminds me I need to go and get a pumpkin or two and haul them on my bike.

Sigrid said...

Yes, young guy. It was in the NordEast. Two is always better than one... get that camera ready.