Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cycle Spree Gone Bad Takes Pleasant Turn

Peter Rabbit or down a rabbit hole? Don't care.
Just happy to be off Lyndale Ave.

Saturday was my day to go shopping for winter clothing. Things to keep me warm on my bike when the snow comes. My destination for the day, was that retailer where you could climb rocks if you wanted to(hint). It's about 8 miles south of my place and I've made the trip before. I always have a little apprehension about the journey, I'd be going out into the suburbs and there aren't any path/trails down to this store. But driving just didn't seem right.

The ride down Lyndale Ave. wasn't too bad. While I did have cars passing me all the time, they seem to give me plenty of room. Just when I saw the spire of the store up ahead, I noticed an obstacle to my destination. The bridge over the highway was closed to all traffic. The detour sign suggested crossing a half mile down the road at Nicollet. I declined. I'd take my chances with a few construction workers. Plus the bridge looked pretty much done anyways.

I'm not a frequent shopper. I need to get in the mood, which usual happens when the weather changes, and last years clothing have lost their appeal. I went at it with gusto. Getting gloves, socks, caps, undershirts, pants and shoes(reviews in future). Whew! Time to get out of here. Get that bike loaded up and let's roll.

Riding back up Lyndale was okay for awhile but it was a little darker and the motor traffic was starting to bug me. Then a 4 bus whooshed by, about a foot away from me. Just as I was trying to think of a better route home, I had a sign.

It was a sign... that said Minnehaha Parkway. I didn't think twice but hopped on the bike trail headed East toward the river. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier. I was going to be on trails the whole way home.
Almost a bridge too far.

Minnehaha Parkway follows Minnehaha Creek to Minnehaha Falls. Then I'd be at the Mississippi River and would ride the river bike path up to downtown. But it was so gorgeous out, that Frankie and I had to make a few stops to take in the beauty before it passes.

That's the Mississippi River down below.

Below U of M West Bank

Almost Home
An interesting message the two signs, together convey?


Anonymous said...

I have rides like that as well- unfortunately the system here tends to spit you onto roads as soon as they get narrower, ie: when you really need a bike lane to keep the cars at bay.

Dottie said...

Funny how the 'burbs are supposed to be safe for kids, yet the roads are so dangerous. Glad you were able to get on a path. The pictures are beautiful. That must be a huge rabbit to make Frankie look so small!

Filigree said...

Well, you certainly picked the perfect shopping partner - those sturdy racks sure come in handy. The path is beautiful, must have been a welcome relief from the strip-mally road with construction.
Love the giant rabbit : )