Saturday, September 12, 2009

Seeing Dutch

It's probably just that phenomena, where you start seeing all the bikes that look like yours, but in the last week, I've being seeing Dutch bikes everywhere. And not just plain old ones like my Frankie. Exciting ones in fun colors and configurations. Here are the ones where I was quick enough with the camera.

Where'd the kid go?

Just a guess, but there is a bike shop up the street from here. Maybe he's test driving it? Like to see the kid on it.

Sorry, but they remind of tweedle dee and tweedle dum.

I saw these guys, while I was going for a walk around Lake of the Isles. They zipped by so fast that I didn't get my camera out quick enough to shoot them close up. But I did manage to get this shot, from across the lake. The Double Dutch was a happy sight.

Frankie makes nice with the lady in Red.

This bright bike stopped me in my tracks. It's the same brand as mine and comes from the Dutch Bike Co, too. I wonder if I saw this exact bike, when I was buying Frankie down in Chi-Town? With kiddy trailer on the back, and the Xtra-Cycle bicycle next to it, this couple can do some serious hauling.

I'm glad to see the bike terrain changing, here in Mpls. It's been great to see these versatile bikes, sprouting up around town. Maybe there will be a day when these wonderful bikes are a common site. Especially if people are getting more than one. Why buy one, when two will be twice the fun? Here's to that!


Adrienne Johnson said...

It is funny how all of a sudden the bikes in the US are getting more usable. I like it!

Dottie said...

That red Azor is HOT! I wanted to buy a red one, but they did not have it in my size. The black is nice that it matches everything, but I love that fiery red.

I'm not seeing many Dutch bikes around Chicago. Maybe I need to keep a sharper eye out.

spiderleggreen said...

That's funny? Because, when we went for that lake shore ride, I remember seeing a couple on Dutch style bikes. You do live a much busier city, with so much going on that you might not notice those quiet, unassuming city-bike folks. I'm sure you're luck will change though. Maybe some Dutch covered glasses? ;O)

Doohickie said...

Dutch is the hot craze right now. Maybe I should sell my English (almost Dutch) Raleigh DL-1 while the market is hot.

Naw.... I like riding it too much!

Seriously, though, the popularity of Dutch bikes bodes well for transportation cycling. I hope it continues.

Filigree said...

Oh nice! The terrain is definitely looking good. And I agree that two bikes are better than one. My husband and I have matching Pashleys, matching vintage 3-speeds, and matching vintage road-bikes, and people always do a happy double-take when they see us cycling past.