Friday, September 4, 2009

San Diego's a Different Bike World

Surf shop bikes near Cardiff by the Sea.

Got to spend last week in San Diego on a "business then pleasure" trip. They said it was hot(102F one day) but coming from the land of humid summers, it felt more comfortable than an 85F day, back home. Unfortunately, none of my free time was spent on a bicycle. Surfing won out over biking. The waves were just too perfect. But I did plenty of bike watching. There appear to be mostly two types of bikes in San Diego, with two different functions. They are either like the bikes above, used for cruising the beach or sporty bikes that give a good workout, while covering a lot of distance. Not many bikes with racks for carrying things, which would be good for commuting. Though, it was cool to see beach cruisers go by with a surf board attached to the side.

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