Thursday, August 13, 2009

Driver is Accused of Threatening Cyclist with Ax

This is one of those scary things that can happen, if you dare comment on the driving of people, operating motor vehicles. I'm glad the cyclist is safe and the driver may be headed to jail. I wonder if all the other pickup driving peoples image will be tarnished as much as the cycling community would be, if the it was the other way around(if the ax was in the other hand)? Where would I put an ax on my bike, anyways? If it was a cyclist, there would be TV expose's on how these crazy cyclist are endangering us all. Cyclists would asked for an explanation. "why all this cycle-hooliganism?".

It's not really surprising and a good reminder to be cautious with around the driving public.


anna said...

Scary, very scary. But at least good that the police caught the driver.

Lovely Bicycle! said...

Wow. Riveting and disconcerting article.

With all its excellent add-ons, the Azor could easily fit a decent sized ax! You could keep it on the rack, secured with a bungee cord...

spiderleggreen said...

ax? I was thinking of setting up some kind of car tazer, that would kill the car engine, before they could run me over. With some good sparks, too!

Hua said...

wow scary. Seems like motorists and bicyclists aren't getting along so well. Whats up with that?

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