Thursday, October 28, 2010


That was quite a storm. A recorded low pressure of 28.22 in northern Minnesota is apparently the lowest ever recorded in the continental US. But the winds were the big story. 50 miles an hour gusts were rattling my house. And it was raining(and maybe snow), too! So why would I decide to commute to work in those conditions? Because I was lazy on Tuesday and drove. Can't have 2 days no commute by bike.

Tailwind on ride home has me much more relaxed.

So, I decided to be proactive and gathered up my gear the night before. The temp was supposed to drop into the 30's, so... 4 wool layers on top, plus rain jacket. Long John's and Clever Cycles wool slacks on the bottom. Stocking cap, head band, gator and gloves with liners. Rubberized boots and wool stockings. And ski goggles!

I'm glad I had prepared because it ended up being one of the toughest commutes I had ever made. I really needed those ski goggles because the rain combined with high winds would have ripped my eyes out. And I was commuting 12 miles into that wind. I'm glad I was on my big Dutch WorkCycle because, while it's heavy, it's HEAVY! The crosswinds didn't bother the bike much and it just rolled over all the broken branches that littered the roads and bike paths I took. I didn't worry about blowing a tire because those Marathon tires are tough. It was a hard slog, though. Constant headwinds, pelting rain, and crunching branches underneath. I had to stop and move a tree that was blocking the trail. Luckly, it was a dead tree that didn't way much.

I wouldn't want to make that kind of commute very often, but I'm glad that can if I need to.

Ride home. Still branches to crunch.


Reuben said...

Good work. I drove Tuesday AND Wednesday because of weather. AND I drove Thursday because of a darn suburban meeting....

spiderleggreen said...

Uggh! 3 days in a row! I had a 3 days without bike period at the beginning of the month and my legs were worthless when I got back on. Good luck to you. ;)

Ben said...

against the wind....impressive. wind is something that i think is more discouraging than the cold

Mandie said...

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m e l i g r o s a said...

thought i'd drop and say hello
much love from SF, hope u are doing well and drinking that icecle chai :)

Lucille Collins said...

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