Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heaven Found

The apparition had led me to a real cool bike shop. At first I didn't know if it was a bike shop or a fashonable clothing store, using old style bikes as props. There were a couple of city bikes in the windows but they were surrounded by a lot of stylish outfits. Upon entering, I saw a few more bikes and much more clothing. Really nice stuff, that looked fit to wear on a bike. Too bad that I wasn't in a clothes shopping mood(That only happens twice a year... if I'm lucky). It wasn't until I went into the room at the back, that I knew I was in a real bike shop. A really cool bike shop! I had found Clever Cycles.

Why is there a bed on the street?

Now to take a "city bike" for a spin. They sized me up and put me on the bike most likely to fit. An Azor Oma. This would be my first time on a Dutchie and it was no disappointment. They are the Cadillac of bikes, or that's what it handled like, anyways. A very comfortable ride that put me in a mood to cruise around... no hurry. But I could pick up some speed, if I wanted to.

I also tried the Bakfiets cargo bike and loved it. Watch out on those quick turns because the front wheel will buckle, if you do. After riding the Bakfiets and getting one of the owners to take some pics of me on it, we got into a good conversation about his shop. He said that they had sold 300 Bakfiets, I think that's what he said. It blew my mind. 3 hundred of the cargo bikes in this city? Maybe he meant all of the city bikes. Still, 300 sounds like a good start to changing bike culture, here.

Need a passenger.

I also found out that you can rent bikes here. A little too late for me. I left the shop really wanting one of these bikes and trying to figure out if I could afford one... and another trip to Portland.


Dottie said...

Looks like fun! I've never been to Portland (yet) but would definitely stop by Clever Cycles while there.

mumbreeze said...

Nice! I love Clever Cycles.

I was recently thinking about ways of moving without a car and while I was surfing the net for possibilities, I went on Clever Cycles' site and noticed that they rent out those Bakfiets. I don't know if I'll do all the moving with it, but just the thought of renting and riding it made me happy.

spiderleggreen said...

Mum~ They also have that really big trike for hauling stuff.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the bike it appears you can fit or remove a second seat at the front as well. Is that the case?

spiderleggreen said...

I bet your right on that. I didn't notice, but looking at it now, I'm guessing so. BTW, the owner said he has had 2 adults in that bucket at one time. He said it worked fine, but you wouldn't want to hit a pothole.